Pheebs writes – A Spooky Turn part 1…

18 Oct

“DON’T DO IT JIM!!” Holly Stone yelled. The hairs on the back of her neck stood up in fear. Her friend, Jim Bone, had always loved forests and exploring new things so, he had wanted to take Holly to the most inner part of Frightwood Forest.

“No worries Hols,” Jim said, as if it were nothing to him, “I’ll be ok,” He laughed, his hand on his stomach. “It’s just a few leaves anyway-” He stopped abruptly as he felt his arm taken hold of and something DRAGGED him in!! “NOOO!!!” Holly screamed, his eyes wide. She felt her legs go underneath her and fell to the floor. Her arms were shaking. Something was VERY wrong here…


Happy Halloween… 😉 ❤


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