Pheebs Writes – Scarlet Jewel – 1st Chapter

30 Oct

“I’m off!” Scarlet Staff said, stepping onto the gravel outside, going to close the door. No reply came from the inside the house. “That means I’m leaving now!” Scarlet called. She was on her way to the library. She was late so she was in a rush. ‘No reply,’ She thought to herself, ‘Ok,’ She brought her ruby red hair round so it was resting all together and walked over to her bike that was by the shed at the gate that let out to the roads.  

She had gotten it from a yard sale, back when she was eight. Her brothers and sisters teased her that it was too big for her so, she brought it anyway. Now she was big enough to ride it, she kind of thanked them for teasing her as it was the best thing she could have wanted to get. She mounted, clipped on her helmet, and started peddling for all she was worth.

            “Great!!” She was ten minutes down the road when the storm hit. The rain hit her hard. It was a good thing she was wearing her helmet or her hair would be drowned. ‘Glad the books are only two minutes away.’ She thought to herself as she peddled on. Sure enough, the library wasn’t far and Scarlet pulled up her bike at the rack. As normal, the chains were all knotted together in a pile. They never separated them in this county. As she finished chaining it up, her eyes caught sight of something at the very edge of the wall.

            A beautiful Dalmatian was sitting alone, shivering from the rain and harsh wind. Scarlet left her bike and went over slowly. She knew dogs could turn and run if they were scared or even turn nasty. The dog eyed Scarlet as she went closer. It pricked up its ears and stood up. Scarlet froze and stayed where she was as the dog started walking to her. She noticed that the dog was calm, its ears and tail were relaxed and it was moving steady, as if going to greet a friend. Scarlet noticed that the dog had no collar. She was a stray. Scarlet stayed where she was as the dog moved round her and sniffed. The dog wagged her tail as she came back around and sat down at Scarlet’s feet as if it were her dog. Scarlet smiled warmly and hoped she was not coming off as a threat in anyway.

Scarlet looked up at the darkening sky and then at the dog. She frowned, and petted the dogs lovely spotted coat. “We need to find your owners.” She said gently to it and walked over to the nearest person. “Excuse me?” The woman stopped in mid rush, “Please do you know who the owner of this dog is?” The woman shook her head. “No sorry.” She said, and rushed off. Scarlet looked round to see if anyone else was about but saw no one. She looked down and lead the dog to the doorway of the library. “Stay here so you don’t get wet.” She said as she stopped to get dry herself before going in. She bent down and as soon as she did, the dog licked her face. “Stop!” She laughed, cleaning her wet face. The dog seemed to smile at her. “If you see your owners, just go to them ok?” The dog nodded its head, as if understanding totally what Scarlet had just said. Scarlet grinned and turned to go inside. She heard a whining sound. She looked back to see the dog now resting on its stomach and whining for her to come back. With a heavy heart and, knowing she was already late, Scarlet went inside.


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