Pheebs Writes – Scarlet Jewel 2nd Chapter

30 Oct

“Did you hear about a queen being crowned in Iceland for the first time in a hundred years?” Scarlet’s friend, Lilly asked, holding up the page she printed off this day. Scarlet hung her rucksack on the arm of the chair all the while, trying to get her hair dry, “I’ve been kinda busy Lily.” Scarlet said, thinking of the dog, “I phoned you at the weekend to tell you we moved house.” Lilly laughed. She put her hand onto her forehead. “Oh gosh! You did! Sorry!” Scarlet smiled as she sat herself down on the hard wooden chair. “Never mind.” She said quietly, as if to herself, “It’s not important anyway.” She looked down at her friends book. “Not to me.” She added.

She suddenly got into action and stood up. “I’ve got to go get a book!” She realised, her eyes wide when she realised she had nothing in her hands or on the table. Lily held up hers helpfully and looked at Scarlet with a big grin, like a child. Scarlet smirked at her friend. Lily was always acting like she was a child and Scarlet loved that about her. The thing was, she was a perfect friend too. Lily always gave Scarlet the time when she had to talk, or had a problem that she couldn’t solve herself. She would always pick up the phone no matter what she was doing to give the time to her friend.  “Not thanks.” Scarlet said, smiling. “I’ll get my own book.” As Scarlet said this, Lily smiled and put her book on the table again. She then went back to reading as if nothing had happened.

            As she went along the shelves towards the cookery section, Scarlet thought about her family. Back at home, she had three sisters that didn’t listen to her, plus two brothers, and her mother and father. Sally and Sir, she called them. She never called them mom and dad, as she didn’t feel like she fitted in anywhere and they didn’t mind one bit if she talked to them or anything. They were always too busy in their own lives to pay any kind of attention to her.

            She slid her fingers across a books spine as she tried to block out the memories of the truth from her home life. “WOOF!!” A bark came from the shelf behind her. Scarlet spun round to see the Dalmatian, dripping wet, eyes on her, bounding to greet her. The dog clambered onto her and pushed her to the ground. It licked her face and Scarlet suddenly realised that it was a girl dog she had helped! Now she saw the dog for the first time in the light, she was impressed with the full beauty of the dogs coat and her brown eyes. It was like her spots were tiny frames for pictures of love to be placed into. The dog herself was just so majestic and kind looking that Scarlet just fell in love right now and here. She couldn’t let this beautiful thing go to the pound!

            She giggled as the dog licked all over her face, wagging her tail. “Hey!” She gasped, when she could take in a breath, “What are you doing here puppy?” She said, grinning, “I thought I told you to wait outside!” There was the noise of heavy, disgusted breathing coming from the ally of books. “Where she should be!” The voice declared. Scarlet bit her lip and dreaded to look up to the shelves. When she did, she saw the horrid librarian, Miss Cannon, standing there, watching both girl and dog, playing round on her carpet.

            Scarlet pressed the dog off her body and took a second before mustering up the courage to look up at Miss Cannon. “Sorry Miss,” She started, shaking and feeling like crying. “She was lonely, that’s all, she came to see what I was doing, as I was so long in here.” The librarian huffed and looked at the carpet, now muddy. Her gaze went to Scarlet once again. “Well!” She declared, “You can just as well stay late tonight and, instead of taking a book out, I’ll see you clean up this carpet instead!” She turned to go back down the ally of darkness. “Oh!” She stopped. “I’ll be calling your mother and father too, by the way, Miss Scarlet Staff.” She went down the book ally.

             “You’ll always get me into trouble you know, if I keep you.” Scarlet said as she bent over the carpet later, sponge in hand. She had a bucket of water at the side of her and disinfectant too. She was feeling like Cinderella at this moment. The dog was lying on her stomach, her head low, in between her paws, somehow knowing that she did wrong. Scarlet’s face softened at the sight of this and she smiled. “Except,” She started as she rubbed the last buts of mud away, “I’m not sure I want to give yo to the pound, not yet anyway.” As she said that, the dog’s eyes glittered and she bounded forwards again. She bounced onto Scarlet and licked her face, her tail wagging. When she was done, Scarlet looked where the dogs back legs had been and sighed deeply, smiling in a less then glee way, “Then again,” She started, “Maybe I’ll change my mind…” She admitted as she saw the dogs paws had left thick mud patches. She dampened the sponge again and set to work.


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