What is my Story Title?

28 Apr

What would you call this story?  (I’m looking for a title as I keep changing and I wondered if you could help?)

Its about a girl called Amy Taylor who is 14 and lost her parents in car crash a year ago. She lives with her (HORRID) Aunt and 2 (NASTY) Cousins. Soon, she meets a boy at a party and, the problem is, she’s too scared to trust someone again. But she feels something for him.

After this, Amy discovers she has a guardian. A horse called Mist. Alex is the boys name BUT, Amy knows he’s hiding something from her. (something’s not right…)

ANY help would be BRILL-O! Thanks! (Hugs!)


QuickFire Questions

21 Mar

1. What’s your full name?

Laura Harrison

2. How old are you?


3. Do you believe in Love At First Sight?


4. Have you any books published?

No full books but 1 short story and 2 poems. The poems when I was 12 and 14 and the story when I was 20. =)

My Top 4 Fave Films

18 Mar

Here, I will tell my top 3 films and characters in them:

1. Golden Compass – Marisa Coulter is my FAVE in this film. She is AMAZINGLY evil! She reminded me of my own mother….NEXT!!

2. The Swan Princess – Odette. She is SO AMAZING! I love her dresses, her voice, her spirit, EVERYTHING. Also, Rothbart, EVIL!

3. Cinderella – Lady Tramaine is SO EVIL but she shows it with the words she says and the smallest things she does.

4. The Secret Of Moonacre – Loveday. She’s like an older version of me. Plus, she reminds me of my old teacher from school. Very calm but firm when she needs to be. x

Chapter 1 – Amy’s Jobs

5 Mar

Amy had to get up early every morning, this morning, more early then most.

 Her aunt was sitting at the table, in her dressing gown, along with her two daughters, Holly and Ivy; who were eating together. Ivy was eating warm, fresh toast and Holly had a bowl of coco pops. They were laughing and joking over boys. Amy could see they were both reading a shared Twist magazine.

 “You should count yourself lucky that I even allow you to stay in this house, Amelia. Now, get outside. You don’t have time for breakfast!” Her aunt scowled as Amy set a bowl on to the table. “Are you even listening!” Amy snapped her eyes back to her Aunts firm stare.

“Yes,” Amy mumbled, looking longingly at a slice of toast in Ivy’s hand. She turned and got the mop to wipe up the milk that Holly had just plopped onto the wood for no reason.

“Yes what?”

 “Yes Aunt Taylor.”

The woman scoffed, a smirk playing on her lips. “Good. Repeat what I said then.” She challenged.

Amy looked, placing the mop up where she got it, against the wall. “I should count myself lucky that I’m allowed to live here.” She recited, out of memory. Her aunt nodded. “Go and do your chores then, and remember your jobs for the day:” She recited the daily list,

 “You have washing our clothes to do,

Mucking out the stables,

Clean, and fill the horses buckets,

There’s washing the dishes, the floors.” She locked her eyes back onto the telly.


 Amy stopped in the doorway.

 “Pick out Solo and Berry’s feet. I’m having them ridden today.”

“Very well.” Amy replied, holding in the sigh that was trying to escape as she left the room.


2 Mar


“My life is a lie, isn’t it?” Amy Taylor asked the Snow-White horse beside her.

 The mare nudged her head against her, comforting her. Her beautiful forelock falling over her face as she moved her head.

 Amy smiled, the loose, golden locks of hair framed her face as she felt happy for the first time today. She was free here, inside the stable. She did love this horse, more than anything.

 They had met at the Christmas Fair, where she noticed right away that this snow-white mare was being ill-treated.

 Amy remembered that day and prayed that nothing like that would come against them again.

 She, being only fourteen years old, and alone in the world, cherished this horse, and all the horses on this yard she called home. They were a release for her. They let her live. They let her breathe.


 Amy frowned in frustration. This always happens! She rolled her eyes.

 Time to get back to work.

 “Oh well,” She sighed, “I’ll come and see you after my chores.” She promised the horse.

 Amy Taylor NEVER made promises unless she could keep them. She knew that it was wrong to promise something, get someone’s trust and then just suddenly let them down.

 She had had that in her life. A LOT. Her parents were dead, had been dead a year and there was A LOT of things that Amy kept hidden inside of herself.

Things that no one knew. No one ever would. Well, apart from the animals.

Mist just stared at her, seemingly into her thoughts, her eyes like a gentle snowfall.

“I’ll be as quick as I can.” Amy promised, petting her nose gently. The horse watched her as she sighed and left the stable.


My Poster

2 Mar

My Poster

My fave movie. (on my bedroom wall..)